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Often patients come to CCN as a last resort - their past treatments weren’t effective or didn’t address the entire picture. Utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach, Dr. Cat empowers patients to take hold of their health and well-being. A personalized home exercise program, high-grade supplementation and lifestyle modifications are just a few of the components of your treatment plan that will set you on the path to recovery.

Functional neurological conditions take time and patience to address. To foster an in-depth understanding of your challenges and needs, all appointments start with a patient assessment. From there, Dr. Cat teaches approachable interventions for self-healing, modifying as you progress to continue moving you forward.

Finding the Right Package for You

  • Finding Clarity Start-Up Package
  • Restoring Clarity Package
  • Recovery Catapult Programs

Finding Clarity Start-Up Package

Pinpoint the root cause of your troubles. To fully benefit from Chiropractic Neurology, patients are asked to commit to the entire package (aside from extenuating circumstances). If follow-up appointments are not used, we are happy to reimburse you minus the cost of services already provided within 30 days.

Imaging may include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans. Labs that may be recommended include CBC, Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Thyroid Panel, Complete Iron Panel, US Biotek Food Sensitivity Panel, Stool Testing.

visit 1

90 minutes

The first visit is a dive into your history, a neurological exam and imaging (ordered when appropriate). By understanding the whole picture, we’ll be able to devise an impactful and customized treatment plan down the line.

    visit 2

    60 minutes

    Through deeper examination and basic initial treatments, we’ll see how you respond to Chiropractic Neurology and continue filling out the entire story. Tests include Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), Videonystagmography (VNG) with video recording and Balance Tracking Systems (BTracks) with a report.​

    visit 3

    45 minutes

    Pulling from the past two appointments, we now have an in-depth understanding of your medical history and what may be at the root cause for your condition. Using a variety of exercises and techniques, we’ll launch you into your treatment plan.

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    Restoring Clarity Package

    This package is intended to help offset some of the cost of the neurorehabilitation sessions and includes a 10% discount. If for any reason the follow-up appointments are not used, a reimbursement minus the cost for services already provided must be made within 30 days by law.

    Neurorehabilitation Appointments

    An immersion into neurorehabilitation. After assessing a patient’s background, Dr. Cat will create a tailored treatment plan that increases neurological functions.

    In your 45 minute appointments, approaches may include: receptor-based therapies including visual/vestibular/proprioceptive therapies, repetitive peripheral somatosensory stimulation (RPSS), low level laser therapy (LLLT) with an Erchonia laser, vagus nerve stimulation via the Rezzimax, canal repositioning maneuvers, Motion Guidance exercises, manipulations or mobilizations of joints, soft tissue body work, therapeutic ultrasound and kineostape application.


    Recovery Catapult Programs

    Through a 90 minute telemedicine appointment, Dr. Cat will set you on the path to recovery. By providing the tools to heal yourself, the recovery catapult program is an effective first step to changing your quality of life.

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