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The following information is to help our functional neurology patients feel more at ease knowing what to expect in office. Please call or email with additional or follow-up questions.

Finding Clarity Start-up Package

This package is intended to help find the root cause of what may be going on. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, most patients are required to commit to the package. If for any reason the follow-up appointments are not used, a reimbursement minus the costs for services already provided must be made within 30 days by law.


This package includes:

  • First Visit: History, Neurological Exam and Labs or Imaging Ordered When Appropriate - 90 minutes
    • Labs may include CBC, Complete Metabolic Panel, US Biotek Food Sensitivity Panel, Stool Test​
    • Imaging may include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans

  • Second Visit: Continued Neurological Exam and Basic Initial Treatment - 60 minutes
    • Tests include Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), Videonystagmography (VNG) with video recording and Balance Tracking Systems (BTracks) with a Report.​

  • Third Visit: Explanation of Treatment Plan and First Full Neuro Rehab Session - 30-45 minutes