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April 4, 2019

Why I Don't Bill Any Private Health Insurance Companies

When patients are referred to me, one of the first questions I always get is, "Do you take my insurance?" The short answer is no, but there is a longer explanation which explains why healthcare practitioners across the board are starting to refuse complimentary billing to private insurance companies.

First, it is important to recognize that billing an insurance company is a service that takes time and resources away from what your practitioner wants to be doing which is trying to help you get better. Second, insurance companies tend towards denying claims for any number of reasons leaving your healthcare practitioner in a precarious position of how to collect payment for work already done. Some insurance companies have a practice of denying claims for no reason hoping the practitioner will just write it off and not call to find out why they weren't paid. This is the "80:20 rule." Only 20% of practitioners will follow up because, well, it takes time to do this. Third, I have witnessed first hand the injustice of some insurance companies paying practitioners 70% of charges, yet when a patient submitted the insurance claim they were reimbursed at 100%. Doesn't seem quite fair does it? This is why if a patient of Clarity Chiropractic Neurology would like a Superbill, which has everything on it that they need to send into their insurance, we will always provide one. This way the doctor is paid the full fee,  the patient can submit directly to their insurance carrier and the fee will either go towards meeting their deductible or if that is met, the patient will receive a reimbursement.

Finally, and really the most important piece of knowledge in my opinion, health insurance companies are increasingly trying to dictate care, telling a practitioner how many visits a patient can be seen and saying which therapies can be done and which cannot. This is clearly practicing without a medical license and I'm not even sure how this is legal. I pride myself on being very conscious of patient's finances and finding the quickest and most financially sound way possible to get them better. At Clarity we will always be upfront about our services and costs, but like many healthcare practitioners we will not accept the way health insurance companies choose when and who and what to pay. "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything," so invest in yourself and get the care you need regardless if the practitioner will "take your insurance."

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