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November 7, 2018

Happy and Healthy Neurons

I like things in groups; especially groups of 3s. So when I educate my patients on why they need to do the things I'm asking them to do, I try to make the reasoning as succinct and to the point as possible.

Patients need to understand the why in order to truly become empowered and be the active participants in the health and healing that is required for functional neurological interventions. One of the "3s" I start with is imperative in developing neuroplasticity and it has to do with making the most supportive environment for this process as possible. Neurons need 3 things in order to happy and healthy... they need appropriate Fuel, Oxygenation and Stimulation.

Seems simple enough, but when you start to delve into the Fuel category, it becomes clear that paying attention to blood sugar changes or improper nutrition or underlying eating disorders has to happen. Same with Oxygenation... could anemia play a role in your neurons not getting the oxygen they need or sleep apnea or simply not belly breathing and instead "stress breathing"... absolutely. Proper Stimulation is where a well-trained functional neurologist comes into play. It is out job to find what inputs to your CNS make positive change and find the intensity that you neurons can metabolically handle at that particular moment in time. So when you try to do any brain training I want you to consider this first.. .have you eaten recently, are you belly breathing and well oxygenated and then pay attention to when you feel you're done with the exercise. Make your neurons happy and healthy and they will grow new connections improving function and therefore quality of  life.

Happy brain training!

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