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*Please note: we do not bill any private insurance but will provide a Superbill so you may bill your insurance directly. *We do bill MVAs and Worker's Comp claims.


Dr. Cat Maddox was my 19th provider, and will be my last…I suffered from extreme fatigue along with vestibular and visual disabilities for five years. I showed up rating my overall fatigue and health issues at a 7/10 in intensity and exactly three months later, I am at a 3/10 with improvement in fatigue and all other health problems – after five years of therapy and living as a “7”!  Why?! Dr. Cat’s diagnostic assessment was by far the most comprehensive I’ve had. Her accurate diagnosis and approach to a patient’s rehabilitation is laser focused, personalized and effective. Her treatments are restorative and healing. Dr. Cat is personable, attentive and cares deeply about her patients. She is hands down one of the most effective and conscientious concussion/head injury providers in Portland. - Tracy G

I saw Dr. Maddox after a car accident left me with hip and neck problems. She was incredible. She was very patient and actually listened to me at every visit. The exercises she showed me how to do along with the in office treatment got me feeling so much better in a short period of time. I went from limping to being able to run my 8k race in just over two months! I'm not the best patient when it comes to actually doing what my doctor says, but Dr. Maddox was very friendly and worked with me at my pace. I highly recommend her! - Tara H

I had seen SO many Dr's before I found Dr. Maddox and she is by far one of the best I've seen. I have POTS and was still bed bound when I first went to see her. Now I'm pretty functional and continue to work with her as I still get better. She's changed my life!! She really takes the time to listen to you and all your symptoms, many that other Dr's told me were in my head. I can't recommend her enough! - Katie D

​I went to Dr. Maddox for some severe pain in my hip and leg. I had already seen 3 other docs and I was told the issue was in my back and/or just a sore muscle. Dr. Maddox did a thorough evaluation and concluded that the issue was in my hip and that I needed an MRI. She got me in for an MRI the next day, and followed up immediately once the results were available. She was spot on that the issue was in my hip and provided a thorough solution for the problem. She saved me SO much pain, and actually recognized that I was dealing with a serious and unusual issue when other docs wouldn't take the time. Thank you Dr. Maddox!! - Meaghan M
Unfortunately it took me 15 months to discover Functional Neurology as a treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome/TBI. Fortunately, I found Dr. Catherine Maddox. Her intelligence, training, compassion and commitment to my healing made all the difference in the world. I feel like I am getting my life back thanks to Dr. Cat. - Margaret E